The Time Has Come, CHS Rise from Football’s Worst to Best

October 12, 2019

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October 4, 2019

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October 12, 2019

Being the best football wise is considered an understatement when talking about Churchland High School. But this dramatic rise to the top of football standings over the years is one to actually get into.


You can say it’s the  hiring of newly acquired AD Coach Mike Whittington three years ago, but when it comes down to it all it’s the hiring of HC Dontrell Leonard three years ago that we really should be the focus. He’s been getting the job done with no questions asked despite the 1-9 record his first year at Churchland.  


“The first year I kinda had to not only mold my coache...


During the summer of 2019, 14 students had the opportunity to go on the Spain and France trip hosted by Churchland High School’s Foreign Language Department.


This eye-opening opportunity only comes once every summer to help the students taking foreign language classes, expand their horizons and catch a glimpse of their cultures firsthand.


The students and teachers visited two beautiful countries, and experienced a lot of distinctive

things involving food and all the fascinating places they visited such as the famous Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum.


Many of the stu...

In school suspension (ISS) has been reformed and is now called Student Recovery.


Coach Sudd came up with the plan to change to more of a recovery than a punishment.  “My degree is in behavior science and in my studies I discovered in school suspension is not an effective behavior change. When I got here to Churchland, I devised a new plan that would be more effective in helping children recover.“


Assistant Principal Mr. Austin said, “We wanted to try a different approach with in school suspension -- more of a therapeutic approach -- so that we can reduce the number of times students co...

September 28, 2019

Ms. Turner is Churchland High School’s new Parent and Family Engagement Liaison, a brand new position at the school. 


She started August 23 and her main responsibility being to work alongside families and staff to support parents and guardians in achieving goals to address the needs of their students. 


Ms. Turner revealed what her main objective is: “I guess my overall goal is to establish a family within these walls.”


Other teachers seem very excited to see what she has in store for Churchland High School. 


“I’ve been here since 2002-2003 school year. So, you know, I’ve...

May 28, 2019

Map Of The Soul: Persona was released on April 12, 2019 and is the sixth extended play from the unique, sincere, passionate, artistic, record-breaking K-pop boy band, BTS, (Bangtan Boys). 


The new album’s concept is very easy-going and a refreshing contrast to past hits such as “Fake Love” from Love Yourself: Tear, “Silver Spoon,”  and the very upbeat “Fire.”

This is their first album for 2019 and it’s off to a good start!


Their newest single, “Boy With Luv,” featuring Halsey broke the record for the most watched youtube video in 24 hours with 74 million views on April 13, 2019, which h...

May 28, 2019

“Efron’s casting in the real-life story of serial killer Ted Bundy is startling, but the film shies away from awkward questions,” said Peter Bradshaw from The Guardian.


Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile is a new Netflix original movie starring Zac Efron and Lily Collins. This movie is about serial killer, Ted Bundy, but it’s completely different from any other Bundy movie released. This movie focuses on Bundy’s love life and him fighting for his “innocence” whilst trying to keep his girlfriend from believing in the news. Although Elizabeth (Bundy’s girlfriend),  doesn’t believe the...

April 10, 2019

She gives a runway spin as she makes her way into the classroom as her friends jokingly tease her and they all burst into giggles.


Editor Aniyah Smith sure does know how to make her personality known. Smith is a junior here at Churchland High School, and at just 17, her schedule is already pretty busy.


“I’m in yearbook, I'm an editor for journalism, and I was the manager for the JV softball team.”


Smith’s main task is editing and posting articles on the school’s news site, and it’s not easy work. “I basically get the articles, I’ll read through them, and that’s kind...

April 10, 2019

Imagine a young girl in her room setting up her classroom and teaching her imaginary students, creating assignments and her very own gradebook hoping to one day reach her biggest dream of becoming a teacher.


Ms. Darden always wanted to be a teacher so she could share her knowledge with others and show her students that learning is possible for everyone. She loved learning and she also really enjoyed designing new ways to develop content for students.


Fast forward into her teen years, she attended Churchland High School and she ended up being selected as the Portsmouth Youth Citizen of...

April 3, 2019

The Momo challenge is a sinister game that urges children to harm themselves and even take their own lives. In the United Kingdom, parents found the bizarre image on the messaging platform WhatsApp. YouTube responded to reports about the challenge by stating that there is no “recent evidence” that Momo exists, even though it has resurfaced in ads on YouTube Kids.

Google, which owns YouTube, said in a statement, “After much review, we’ve seen no recent evidence of videos promoting the Momo challenge on YouTube. Videos encouraging harmful and dangerous challenges are clearly against our policies, the M...

March 15, 2019

Recently flyers around the school have been popping up about the new Churchland Boxing Club. The club had their interest meeting last month February 28, 2019 in room 211 at 2:20 after school.


Reading the flyer, you'll see that there are four student leaders and two class sponsors by the names Michael Mann, Zykym Taylor, Terrence Lacey, and Tahj King, as well as Mr. Powers and Mr.Thompson as the Teacher Sponsors.


Many Students around campus were really shocked at the number of student leaders. Also many students have been posting on social media to get...

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