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  • Isabelle Brinkley, Jayla Eldridge, Jayda Mosley

Churchland Abroad

During the summer of 2019, 14 students had the opportunity to go on the Spain and France trip hosted by Churchland High School’s Foreign Language Department.

This eye-opening opportunity only comes once every summer to help the students taking foreign language classes, expand their horizons and catch a glimpse of their cultures firsthand.

The students and teachers visited two beautiful countries, and experienced a lot of distinctive

things involving food and all the fascinating places they visited such as the famous Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum.

Many of the students experienced a culture shock when it came to the food and how different countries were compared to America and each other.

Even though it’s a different country, the students remained respectful even when some of the locals were not so polite. “Well there's always a little bit of a cultural moment when you arrive at a new place, but in general we did not have any problems. As a matter of fact, all of our students were extremely respectful and we received many compliments for it many times,” said Mrs. Hatfield.

With the help of the school and traveling agency, teachers were able to gather the information for students and make that phenomenal trip possible.

Getting things in order for the trip wasn’t hard, according to Mrs.Hudgins. “All we had to do was make sure we scheduled the meeting times and remind them [the travel agency] as the time was getting closer,” she said.

Everyone that went abroad experienced exciting places and cultural differences like food, people, and the overall adventure.

Photos: Hatfield / Hudgins

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