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  • Destiney Hudnell, Ian Robinson, Logan Brindle

CHS Students Vote For...

Churchland High School candidates are going all out to win the votes of their fellow students this week.

Homecoming and Spirit Week is a big time of the year for the school. There are daily festivities, a school-wide vibe of pep, and fun leading up to the CHS football game on Friday.

To go along with the fun days of Spirit Week, students run for different positions in the Homecoming Campaign. The coveted spot of Homecoming Queen or Princess is part of every girl’s childhood dream, and of course who wouldn’t want to be King or Prince for a day? Some of these fierce candidates who are participating are Tyaja Thornton, Shayron Williams, Tyler Hecker, Avery Harrell, Ja’Mont Hike-Charles, and Sarah Knotts. They campaign all around school to gain votes from their peers.

The candidates running are doing whatever it takes to win the hearts of the voters. They decorate the hallways, and bribe students with food, candy, and stickers. “I spent $50 on a giant bag of candy and posters,” said Tyler Hecker, a candidate running for Homecoming King.

However, new principal Mr. Millaci and administration have said the use of food in the campaigns isn’t allowed. It may lead to an unfair advantage or retaliation in the form of more or better foodstuffs. Still, candidates are eager to win and will do anything to achieve their goal.

With our school election day and the Homecoming game quickly approaching, who will you be voting for?

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