During the summer of 2019, 14 students had the opportunity to go on the Spain and France trip hosted by Churchland High School’s Foreign Language Department.


This eye-opening opportunity only comes once every summer to help the students taking foreign language classes, expand their horizons and catch a glimpse of their cultures firsthand.


The students and teachers visited two beautiful countries, and experienced a lot of distinctive


September 28, 2019

Ms. Turner is Churchland High School’s new Parent and Family Engagement Liaison, a brand new position at the school. 


She started August 23 and her main responsibility being to work alongside families and staff to support parents and guardians in achieving goals to address the needs of their students. 


Ms. Turner revealed what her main objective is: “I guess my overall goal is to establish a family within these walls.”


Other teachers...

April 10, 2019

She gives a runway spin as she makes her way into the classroom as her friends jokingly tease her and they all burst into giggles.


Editor Aniyah Smith sure does know how to make her personality known. Smith is a junior here at Churchland High School, and at just 17, her schedule is already pretty busy.


“I’m in yearbook, I'm an editor for journalism, and I was the manager for the JV softball team.”


Smith’s main task is ed...

March 15, 2019

Recently flyers around the school have been popping up about the new Churchland Boxing Club. The club had their interest meeting last month February 28, 2019 in room 211 at 2:20 after school.


Reading the flyer, you'll see that there are four student leaders and two class sponsors by the names Michael Mann, Zykym Taylor, Terrence Lacey, and Tahj King, as well as Mr. Powers and Mr.Thompson as the Teacher Sponsors.


January 16, 2019

Ian Robinson is a class of 2018 graduate from Churchland High School that is currently attending William and Mary University. During his time in the school, he made his mark in many places. It’s hard to even find a teacher who hasn’t at least heard his name before. Ian gives some advice about college as a whole from his point of view.


Ian was the student representative for the school board for a bit of time, but how did it impact him in the...

December 6, 2018

As she got off the plane her heart racing, palms sweaty, and stomach turning she walked towards the baggage claim area.  Checking her pockets she realized she lost her ticket to claim her luggage. Her eyes began to water this is already turning into a nightmare.


Maria is a 15-year-old exchange student from Spain who was about to experience and see things she never seen before. Maria looks up and notices her host family, and she is sp...

November 30, 2018

“But… what will people think?”


That’s the first thing that comes to our minds before we make a decision.


Boys and girls’ self-esteem is measured in ‘likes.’ So much so that they live for the picture and not for the moment anymore. Concerts or sunsets, they just see them through their screens.


The Technological Era has delayed us. We can’t even leave home without our phones. This is making us forget to feel and to develop our creativi...

Churchland High school students created an inspirational banner to send to the survivors of Parkland, Florida school shooting.


All over the country, students have created banners for Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School after the tragedy that occurred in February. Schools started creating banners to give condolences to the survivors of the shooting.


Theater teacher Mrs. Ward first got the idea after seeing it on Facebook. Some teachers disc...

March 20, 2018

Thousands of students across the country took part in a national walkout for the seventeen students who were killed in the Florida shooting last month.


Wednesday March 15, 2018 will go down in history as a day when students stood up for what they believed in. Many students across the world protested for more gun laws while others just wanted to honor and remember the students who died. Churchland High School was one of many schools that participate...

March 1, 2018

Due to the crazy amount of snow this winter, our school has been closed plenty of times. We’ve had two hour delays, early releases, and just flat out no school. It is impossible to miss this many days and hours of school without some sort of consequence. In this scenario, the consequence is that eight minutes have been added to the end of our school day.


Eight minutes may not seem like that much. It’s only two minutes to each class. But when...

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