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  • Dereon Coleman

The Library Needs a Major Upgrade

Churchland High School's library

At Churchland High School the library is a place where students should be able to socialize, check out books, and overall have fun in a nice looking environment. 

The library has older decor which many students don’t like. There needs to be a lot of renovation to the structure, not just furniture and decorations.

Most of the time when it rains, it leaks into the library by the circulation desk, this has been going on for the last few years now. Even though workers came to look at it the leak still wasn’t fixed causing the floors to have a repulsive odor.

There have been modern updates in the past few years, for example, 3 flat screen TVs on the pillars. Last year these TVs used to be turned on all day and they would show the rules of the library and seniors who have been accepted into colleges. They have only been turned on a couple times when the media specialists would go through the library expectations with certain classes and to play music when the library was empty. The TVs can’t be turned on anymore due to Mr.Eley’s class always being in the library. 

Another upgrade has been the tables and chairs, there are a variety of places to sit. The library has rolling chairs, couches, and barstools.

Even though some students aren’t interested in visiting the library, the media specialists come up with activities and new policies to where students actually like to visit.

One of these new policies are the personal library lunch passes where students will come into the library the morning of or when their lunch starts to grab a pass and return to the library to eat lunch in peace. Students don’t even have to eat lunch to grab a pass, which many students like. During lunch, students can play a variety of games from Jenga, Uno, Operations, etc.

In February, the library came up with a raffle activity where students have to return or check out a book in which their name would be put in a box and a name would be picked every Friday. The prizes were two horror stickers and you could choose from either a keychain or a Croc charm. Many students participated in this event.

The media specialists are trying to find ways to interest students so the library can be considered to be remodeled. Ms. Dixon is one out of three of the media specialists and she likes to change bulletin boards month around to correspond to what's going on in the world, holidays or just fun creative bulletin boards. This month she has made a St. Patrick Day bulletin board, which a lot of students pay attention to. 

Another thing that interests students are library runners. Media specialists have assigned runners every block and these students run passes, help decorate and do missing work. The position interests students because it’s basically a free block that does not affect the students grades.

Brenda Copeland is one of the newest specialists that joined the team this year. Copeland has been working at Churchland High school for 25 years. 

“I have seen all the changes and new people come and go,” said Copeland. 

Ms.Copeland stated that the library has been the same since the school moved; the only new things introduced to the library were the black couches and the circulation desk.

Tiffany Walker says the library needs a major upgrade. Walker wants to update the furniture, bookshelves,flooring,and decor. 

“I think the decor should be updated to reflect our present day students, we have a very diverse culture here and I would like for our walls to reflect that,” Walker said. 

Walker wants the flooring to be the major thing taken out and replaced. She adds that the ceilings and windows need a deep cleaning. In the library there are two small one-seater couches and one big couch but they are not that comfortable. The couches are dirty and falling apart, and Walker wants to add more comfortable chairs.

If she had to pick any new seating, “I would like to have booth-type seating,” stated by Walker. 

This year Eley’s second, third, and fourth block classes are in the library all day since they don’t have a classroom big enough. 

“It should be for classes to come visit and spend their block here possibly with a library lesson or teacher lesson but not housing,” Walker responded being asked if classes can stay in the library. 

Walker is very hopeful that it’ll be a renovation; she doesn’t think it will happen anytime soon.

Derrick Watkins has been a part of the library team for a while now and says that the library definitely needs a renovation. 

“We need furniture that’s conducive to not only students but faculty and staff,” Watkins said. 

Watkins agreed with the students that the decor is outdated and some stuff needs to be removed from damages. Watkins and the media specialists have come up with a new idea that all students would love. This idea is called the “Trucker Cafe” which would sell coffee, refreshments, donuts, bagels and other snacks to students throughout the day only with a valid pass. 

Watkins also added the idea that there needs to be a reading space for students to not only relax but still focus on their studies. 

“This would kind of create that collaborative atmosphere for the faculty, staff and students.”

Watkins wants the library to be a safe space for students to come have fun but most importantly get work done. Watkins explained the media specialists try their best to make students feel welcome. 

“The library family has done a great deal in remodeling and making the bookshelves more welcoming, ordering new books and collections our kids requested,” stated Watkins. 

He liked the idea that I.C. Norcom High School had in their library whereas we have laminated passes, and Norcom has electronic QR code passes. 

“Unfortunately our media center is limited to technology because we’re pretty much in a dead zone,” he said. 

Watkins stated that he’s pretty sure the renovation wouldn’t be anytime soon due to elementary school libraries being redone first. 

The media specialists are very excited for the updated library. This remodel probably wouldn’t be put in place until 2027, but the new students would absolutely love this remodel. Even though the big remodel is not coming soon, the specialists are still finding ways to interest students and staff.

Photo credit: Dereon Coleman


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