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  • Emilie Desert

Churchland High School bathrooms to be remodeled

The bathrooms at Churchland High School are scheduled to be remodeled this summer.

Principal Millaci is hopeful it will happen, but not everyone is exactly on the same page with how it will be done.

“The bathrooms need attention. We are thinking about choosing colors that will upgrade the bathrooms. We are also thinking about fixing the sinks. We are also collaborating with the student council for ideas,” said Millaci.

The girl's bathroom certainly needs to be fixed; the sink water splashes everywhere. The floors are always wet, and half of the stalls don't work.

“We have a number of issues. We are working on the issue very clearly and that is something that we are planning to overcome,” added Millaci.

Ms. Boltz, a biology teacher at CHS, thinks that the bathrooms should be remodeled.

“The bathrooms need to be updated. They should also use a special type of paint where students can´t vandalize them along with actually cleaning the bathrooms,” she said.

Freshman Jaylah Spellman, a student and dancer at Churchland High School, thinks that the school doesn't have enough money to renovate the bathrooms. She does think that the school should do something about students vandalizing the school property.

“I don't think the school has enough money to renovate the school since they just renovated the gym. They should also put cameras outside of the bathroom to see who was the last person to exit the bathroom so if there is any new vandalism they can have an idea of who did it,” said Spellman.

DECA member Sharrell Jones thinks that the school has much support to renovate the bathrooms.

“I think the school has the support from teachers, administration, and maybe some students,” she said.

Photos: Emilie Desert


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