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  • Isaiah Tonkollie

Foreign language teachers plan trip to Costa Rica

Costa Rican sunset

CHS Foreign language teachers Ms. Hudgins and Ms. Hatfield are planning a trip for students to visit Costa Rica this summer.

The teachers will escort an estimated 16 students for eight days in Costa Rica through EF tours, a well-respected travel company that runs background checks on the different countries it travels to.

Using EF tours makes these trips 10x safer and more manageable with their fantastic customer service, which is why travel costs tend to be relatively expensive.

The cost for the Costa Rica trip is $3,324. With such a hefty price, the teachers try to find ways and loopholes for some students to participate, encouraging them to apply for the global scholarship, using gofundme, snap raise, a garage sale, or even applying for a job if possible.

Some students rely on their parents to pay or at least contribute to their travel costs.

Understanding the rules and regulations is critical for being in another country that's very far away from home.

Hudgins states that so far they "haven’t come across behavior issues.”

Before going, the group usually has three meetings with students and parents before leaving for the trip, to be aware of the laws.

A genuine desire to go there to have an excellent learning experience, wanting to travel more, and have fun are the most important things.

Based on an estimate by Hatfield, “We only get a ballpark of 16 students, though we accept as many applications, so we never had issues of overcrowding.”

If you want to travel the world, you may do it little by little and start by going on this trip. The outside world is very different from America.

"The way it looks, smells, and runs is very different – an experience everyone should have!” exclaimed Hudgins.

Photo: "Costa Rica Sunset" by is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.


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