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  • Victoria Farrow

CHS P.E. /Driver's Ed Teacher Ms.Patillo

Photo of Patillo's class in the gym

Churchland High School’s 4-year P.E./Driver’s Ed teacher is Angel Patillo “Ms. Patillo.” 

Teaching at CHS is a really big deal to her because this is where she once walked the halls.

“I am from Churchland, I went to CHS, and I’m an alumni; so coming back to where I was once walking the halls was a good idea for me,” she said.

Her favorite part of teaching is making a difference with the students.

“The best part of teaching is the reward you get from the difference you make with kids, helping them through their challenges, listening to their issues and helping them come up with a solution,” she says.

Students at CHS love being in Mrs. Patillo’s class according to sophomore Caitlyn Dolye.

“I like having her as a teacher; she’s very fun, doesn’t give too much work, and she’s very laid back,” Caitlyn says.

Overall, Mrs.Patillo is the perfect fit for CHS.

Photo Credit: Victoria Farrow


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