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  • Erin Reese, Trenton Holliman, Teyana Slater

Student Opinions on Spirit Week

Some students here at Churchland High School feel this year's Spirit Week Days need to be more creative and outgoing.

The students we interviewed say that many of the things that were picked for Spirit Week this year have been done many times before and feel less exciting to do. They feel as if we need to do things more outside the box instead.

The days that were picked for this year were: Jersey day, Twin/Triplet day, Retro day, and Pink Out day.

“I think some of them are good and then some are just corny. It was like half and half,” Baylee Wynn a student here at CHS said.

Many of the students said the same thing and would have liked days were they could be more creative with what they could wear. Things like canes and cradles, pajama day, or a Disney day was suggested as something that many of them would have loved to participate in.

“The two years I’ve been here I never participated except for Spirit Day because I didn’t like the days that were picked,” Alana Abad, a sophomore, said.

There is also tension with the upcoming football game against Lake Taylor on Friday. Many of the students feel disappointed with how our football team has been performing. When asked if we would win this game many of the students just laughed at the question.

“We’re playing Lake Taylor and they're good so I don’t think we are gonna win,” Deviyon McLeah said.

As many students have stated their problems and complaints with this Spirit Week, there were still many students participating and showing their school spirit for this year, which is always a good thing.

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