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  • Makira Askew-Jones

Trick or Treat!

With Halloween coming up, 50 high school seniors shared what their ideal trick or treat bag would look like.

While everyone knows and loves the little old lady who gives out sugar-free candy corn, the senior class has spoken out and said what the top five favorite treats they would love to see in goody bags would be:

1. Chester's Flamin' Hot Cheetos

2. Hershey's Kit-Kats

3. Hershey's Reese's Cups

4. Kellogg's Pop Tarts

5. Kellogg's Rice Krispies

Chester’s Flamin' Hot Cheetos are the number one fan favorite snack. You could walk down the hallways of the school and see many students eating the spicy, crunchy, fire engine red corn chips by the bag.

“I only eat them because I like licking the spicy cheese off of my fingers,” said CHS student Sharon Howley.

Sharon is not the only fan of that fiery Cheeto dust.

“All of the students love the chips because they are cheap to buy, and we get excited when our mouths get watery anticipating the spicy kick of the chips,” Imani Elsey, another student said.

Hershey’s milk chocolate Kit-Kat bars are two wafers pressed together dipped in Hershey’s famous chocolate. This may all seem so simple but the senior class just can not seem to get enough of the magically chocolaty treat.

“When my boyfriend dumped me, for two weeks I ate only Reese’s cups,” said student Simone Jackson.

Students are risking being fat just to get their hands on the peanut butter cups drenched in Hershey’s chocolate.

Pop Tarts come in so many different flavors from Simply Strawberry Frosted to Crazy Wild Berry or Courageous Cupcake. The bold and flaky treat is a cross between on-the-go breakfast and a sweet dessert.

“Many people on Instagram have taken it upon themselves to make ice cream sandwiches with the Pop Tarts, but I just like them warm fresh out of the toaster,” explained student Jason Harris.

Students must really love those breakfast pastries.

Crack, snapple, and pop is the sound of the Rice Krispies treats as you bite into the marshmallow heaven. To students, Rice Krispies are a comfort food. Many students just can not resist the crispy cereal blinded together with melted marshmallow fluff.

“I really love Rice Krispies the cereal so the treat is just like a breakfast bar making it even better.”

So you have it people! Think of the older kids when you go out shopping for the sweet treats to give out to the cute little trick-or-treaters. Also stay clear of the sugar free candy corn and go straight for the junk that all the students just love.

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