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Lemonade With 'Ye, Please!


What are Churchland High School students listening to? A random poll of 50 CHS students found that they prefer a wide range of music - from pop and rap, to indie rock and melodic hadrcore. Popular albums in the music industry were picked quite a few times, and the ones that aren’t so popular were picked, too.

Two albums which were frequently picked were Beyonce’s Lemonade, and Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo. In our poll, these two albums tied for first. Lemonade and The Life Of Pablo each got seventeen votes, which is thirty-four all together. The remaining sixteen votes were other albums not chosen consistently enough to win.

Lemonade - Beyonce

Lemonade, released back in April, was first seen and heard by the public as a visual album that premiered on HBO. “Formation," the first song released and available for download, was basically a teaser for the album. This album consists of twelve songs. On some songs, Beyonce collaborated with artists like Kendrick Lamar and The Weeknd.

Beyonce has a history debuting albums at No. 1 ever since her debut solo album, Dangerously In Love.

Student, Jada Lawrence, when asked why she thought lots of students enjoyed Beyonce’s album so much, said, “Honestly, Beyonce could make lots of money and get lots of positive feedback from anything she does, just because she’s Beyonce. In this case, I think it’s because Lemonade was just generally a great album. It was different from what she usually sings and sounded great.”

The Life Of Pablo - Kanye West

The Life Of Pablo, was released February 14th. The album topped charts quickly after it’s release. This album has twenty songs on it. According to its streams on Tidal, “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1” is the most popular song off of the album.

“I think this album is a favorite of the students here because of the beat of the songs and his play on words,” said student Iyana Graham.

Kanye collaborated with artists like Rihanna and Chris Brown on his songs “Famous” and “Waves.” Most students probably know that the music video for “Famous” initiated lots of conversation.

“It was a pretty good album. I actually have a lot of songs off of it in my phone,” said student, Kiarra Joshway, when asked what she thought about The Life Of Pablo.

Based off of votes and quotes, Churchland High School students like their Lemonade with ‘Ye.

Beyonce photo source: [CC0 public domain]

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