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  • Taylor Rice

The Outdoor Adventure Club: A Great Way to Explore

It all started out with a small dream for students to get together and have fun in the outdoors.

Excited and ready to explore, Mr.Goodson, Mrs.Ambrose, and Mr.Peeling created the Outdoor Adventure Club for Churchland High School students interested in exploring the outdoors.

The OAC is a great way to explore nature and create a bond with others.

Student Daphne Do is president of the club and Tyler Hecker is the speaker. Daphne was excited about the new club and wanted to get involved. She has many visions for the club's future and wants to see it grow. “I was really excited and I’m going to do the best I can.”

Even though the club is student-led, the history teachers/sponsors are there every step of the way.

The first adventure was to Hoffler Creek. The group went hiking on some of the trails and walked the piers. They all enjoyed the beautiful scenery and then ate lunch.

“Everything went well. I was impressed with the solidarity of the group,” Mrs. Ambrose said.

Mrs. Ambrose and Mr. Goodson, sponsors of the OAC

Photos courtesy of C.mpl Photography

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