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  • Erin Reese

Clowns for the Scare

Creepy clowns have been popping up recently

Parents everywhere are concerned for their children's safety this year due to the recent and out of control clown sightings.

With Halloween done and gone parents are hoping that the clown fiasco will die down and people can finally relax when their children go outside.

Even though this all sounds like one big prank that parents are hoping will blow over, many sightings and news stories are saying that this isn’t the case with these clowns. There have been many clown sightings all over the world now, from the USA even to the UK.

There have also been many theories as to why the clowns are out and about. Many say it has to do with Stephen King's “IT” movie that is being re-made in 2017.

Conspiracy theorists are saying that clowns will be taking over during Halloween to have a purge night. This is having many parents planning to keep their kids and pets inside at all times.

“I hate clowns and I seriously wish that everyone is okay this year, especially with the children on Halloween,” an anonymous dad said.

Many of the students asked whether they had a fear of clowns said that they did, and even some that didn't have a fear before are now developing one.

One student at CHS said, “I'm not afraid of clowns, but if one comes near me I'd be gone so fast.”

The scientific name for this fear of clowns is coulrophobia, a real thing that is messing with many people, and we are all hoping for it to stop soon.

[Photo: CC0 public domain]

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