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  • Teyana Slater

Go for it: The Odds are Better Than you Think

Teyana Slater posing on the basketball court

Have you ever been in a situation where you thought after the fact that you should have went for it?

You should have.

Many people today wish and ask “what if” .. when it's too late.

In my own opinion and experience, you should always go and get an opportunity that's right in front of you instead of contemplating. I have been in many situations where I didn't take that risk or opportunity and later on regretted it. I have the tendency to doubt myself and then beat myself in the end about it and wish i could have a re-do.

I'm new to basketball , but being that I'm now a senior I had no other choice but to play on varsity.

When I first started out, I didn't have a clue on what I was doing, all I knew is that I wanted to play. Being that I’m a natural athlete, I figured basketball would come easy to me as well .. but actually it takes more work than i thought.

To get to the point, I always hesitate to shoot the ball in a game. I always feel the need to pass the ball because I doubt myself and don’t want my teammates to get upset with me if I miss. To help me with this issue, I've gotten with my coaches for extra practices and tips. Now in practice, everyone just yells at me to shoot the ball or I just shoot any every time the ball lands in my possession.

Moral of the story, just do it. I learned that I miss 100% of the shots that I DON’T take!

As of now, I’ve gotten so many compliments and encouragement on how much better I’ve gotten in little time.

“I like what you’ve been doing out here cheerleader, good work.. Keep pushing,” said one of my coaches, and with that being said... I practice how I would play and most of all...

I shoot the ball.

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