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  • Erin Reese, Logan Brindle

A Night For The Arts

The Winter Arts Production took place on December 20, 2016 at the Churchland High school auditorium, where students showcased their talents and hard work.

The show opened with a performance done by chorus. They sang four songs, one which was accompanied by piano. Another song was first split into a trio and then joined back together for a full chorus. Then three students performed a trio to finish their time onstage.

Dance took the stage next, with a choreography to a motivational reading about how the world is becoming less interactive. The audience got a clear picture of the message being put on by the dancers, and their reactions were that of realization and understanding the world today.

“Dancing to something so inspirational was an amazing feeling. Being able to perform in front of all those people gave me butterflies: The best kind of butterflies,” one dancer said.

Orchestra then played four holiday pieces; One was a "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" medley, and included the band’s percussionists. The last song they played was a fast dueling banjo and “Jingle Bells” mix.

James Nagle, a senior bassist, said, “The best part of the performance is seeing the audience smile as they listen and to see how happy they are with the music everyone plays.”

Band was the last of the programs to play and they performed three songs. They ended with a “Frozen” medley of “Let it Go” and “Do you Wanna Build a Snowman?” The audience was singing along and enjoying the performance.

“I would definitely do another mixed production because it helps make new friends and learn what everyone else likes and why they chose their program,” Jordan Harris, a freshman percussionist, said.

Photo: Emma Reese/Logan Brindle

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