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  • Hunter Mynes

Youngest Teacher is a ‘Big Brother’

Meet Mr. Marriner, the youngest teacher at Churchland High School. He’s a 24-year-old whose teaching career started this year.

“When I got the job, they asked me three times in my interview if I was willing to continue the robotics program.”

Mr. Marriner loved robotics before he started teaching it, so for him, it was easy to say yes.

Robotics consists of two separate programs. One is FRC, also known as First Robotics Competition, in which you’re given six weeks to build a robot to compete in two challenges.

The other program is Vex Robotics, in which you’re given four to five months to build a robot to complete a task for the multiple competitions (unlike FRC, you’re able to adjust your robot design).

Mr. Marriner’s bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from NC A&T State University qualifies him teach both programs.

“I’m very big on practicality. I’m not going to just teach you something. I’m going to show you what you could do with it.”

Mr. Marriner grew up around Churchland High School, and though he did not attend CHS, he did actually attend prom at Churchland when he was a sophomore.

Mr. Marriner is a kind man. He’ll show you how to do something with your own hands instead of just lecturing you on how to do it. He wanted to make a difference for the child who only sees his mom for a few hours a day, because she works two jobs. He’s like a big brother. He’ll help you through your life but will also let you take the wheel when you’re ready.

He understands teenage psychology, what the kids are going through, and that makes him an even better teacher.

Photo: Hunter Mynes

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