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  • Jadyn Bright, Assistant Editor

Who is Dr. Lineburg?

Dr. Mark Y. Lineburg was born on July 17, 1969 in Martinsville, Virginia. He grew up in a working class family with three brothers. His childhood was like you’d expect with both of his parents being teachers, full of emphasis on education. As many teenagers do, he played high school sports.

“I loved playing high school football and basketball. I was a starter in football and I didn’t play as much in basketball. I still enjoyed both experiences.”

After graduating high school in 1987, Dr. Lineburg attended Radford University, he received his master’s degree at Lynchburg College, and his doctorate from Virginia Tech. After college, Dr. Lineburg wore many hats. He was a teacher, head football coach, assistant and head principal, and assistant and head superintendent.

Even though it’s his first year at Churchland High School, he has had a wonderful time. He doesn’t believe some of the things people have said about the students, and like most people, has an opinion on them.

“The students here are just wonderful and the teachers here are outstanding. Some people say the kids are worse now than they used to be, but I think the kids are better now than they used to be.”

Dr. Lineburg and the other principals plan on changing a couple things while they are at CHS.

“I think we should eliminate the dean of students position,” he laughs. “I’m just teasing, scratch that. We want to build on Trucker Pride and make it a real special place. We also want to keep improving the academics.”

Most educators have quotes and mottos they live by. Dr. Lineburg’s is one from the former United States Senator, Robert F. Kennedy.

“There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why… I dream of things that never were, and ask why not.”

Educators try their hardest to lift their students up and show them the big picture, what everything is like in the grand scheme of things. Dr. Lineburg isn’t an exception. He does his best to put students on the right track for the future and he doesn’t want anyone to lose hope in their goals and aspirations.

“If I could tell those kids anything, it would be any dream is possible.”

Photo: Mark Lineburg

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