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  • Jadyn Bright, Assistant Editor

Lady Truckers Looking to Next Year

The Churchland girls’ varsity basketball team competed in the conference tournament at King’s Fork High School on Saturday, February 11, 2017.

The Lady Truckers battled Woodrow Wilson with hopes of ending their season on a positive note. It turned out to be a rough game for CHS, ending in a 87-31 loss.

Sandra Rudolph, the girls’ varsity coach, described the performance this way: “I feel we didn’t play four full quarters and that’s been a problem with us from the start. We either play one quarter in the beginning, middle, or the end and not all four quarters.”

The girls have struggled this season with a 1-21 record. This was their third loss to the Lady Presidents.

“A big problem that they had this season was pretty much believing in themselves and knowing that they can compete against anybody. That’s one thing that I believe, because we know they have a talent. It’s just a matter of believing and executing.”

Although many argue that the season started and ended terribly, Coach Rudolph is looking into the future with high hopes.

“I know we have a bright future coming up and it also means everybody has to come out in the summer to work. If you don’t come out and work, you’re going to get the same results. Bottom line is, it has to be a team effort.”

Photo: William Cook

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