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  • Jadyn Bright, Destiny Gallaway, Zaniquia Kirby

The Winter Sports Banquet

Clockwise: Top Left - Chelsea LeSueur (swimming); Top Middle - Christopher Harsch (swimming); Top Right - Trenton Holliman (wrestling); Right - Sahdiah Cox (Scholastic Bowl); Bottom Right - Destani Hines (cheerleading); Bottom Middle - Jason Mcmanes (wrestling); Bottom Left - Ayana Burke (cheerleading); Left - Jamel Carter-Love (indoor track)

The Winter Sports Banquet celebrated all winter athletes Tuesday, March 6, 2017.

Winter sports include swimming, basketball, wrestling, cheerleading, indoor track, and scholastic bowl. All though everyone is proud of these athletes, a select few from each sport were honored.

Girls and Boys Swimming

Coaches Award- Chelsea LeSueur

Most Valuable Player- Megan Davis

Coaches Award- KeSean Patillo

Most Valuable Player- Christopher Harsch

Girls and Boys Basketball

(V)Most Improved Player- Keirra Grant

(V)Most Valuable Player- Takeira Grant

(V)Hustle Award- Teyana Slater

(V)Coaches Award- Cornell Uche

(V)Most Valuable Player- Dallas Wilson

(JV)Coaches Award- Molly McDonald

(JV)Most Valuable Player- Laila Mann

(JV)Coaches Award- Josh Goolsby

(JV)Most Valuable Player- Joe Alston


Rookie of the Year- Trenton Holliman

Most Valuable Player- Jason Mcmanes


(V)Most Valuable Player- Ayana Burke

(V)Coaches Award- Lauren Thomas

(JV)Most Valuable Player- Destani Hines

Girls and Boys Indoor Track

Rookie of the year- Azeah Logan

Co-Most Valuable Player- Tamara Washington

Co-Most Valuable Player- Quentasia Reed

Coaches Award- Ja-Nya Coakley

Most Improved Player- Jamel Carter-Love

Most Valuable Player- Chase Moore

Scholastic Bowl

Most Improved Player- Ian Robinson

Most Valuable Player- Maggie McGinley

Most Valuable Player- Sahdiah Cox

Photos: Elijah Macklin

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