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  • Hunter Mynes

Team 3359 Battles It Out at Robotics Competition

Team 3359 after receiving second place

Team 3359 from Churchland High School won second place in the First Robotics Competition in Blacksburg, VA.

The First Robotics Competition (or FRC) is an event in which students use science and technology to design and build a robot, and then participate in an arena-style sporting contest in which robots battle each other in challenges involving speed and accuracy.

This international competition has over 6,000 teams competing from places as far away as the Netherlands.

“Each year in January a game is released for co-opted competition, and so teams take six weeks to build the robot of their own design of how they would like to play the game, and then those teams go to two different competitions in the district,” said Mrs.Newton, head mentor and physics teacher at Woodrow Wilson High School.

This year, Team 3359 took the five-hour trip to Blacksburg High School in Blacksburg, VA.

3359 made it all the way to the finals when the first set alliance took out the seventh set alliance which 3359 was a part of.

In the end, Team 3359 took second place.

Photo: Patricia Mynes

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