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  • Aniyah Smith, Taylor Adkins

CHS Welcomes Mayor

Mayor John Rowe, Mr. MIllaci, and Mrs. Sebastian's special needs class.

Mayor John Rowe visited students from Mrs. Sebastian’s special needs class on Friday, March 3rd.

Students asked questions about Rowe’s new position as our city mayor. Student Xavier Banister even read his favorite book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, to the mayor.

“I think what stood out the most was their questions they came up with,” Mrs. Smead, a teacher in Mrs. Sebastian’s class, said. “I really like the way he answered them.”

We asked student Rose Hensel how she felt about the mayor being here and what her favorite part was. She was hesitant to answer at first, but seemed very excited when she talked about her experience.

“My favorite part was when he came in the doors, and the part when I hugged him,” Hensel said.

Overall, this was a great experience for everyone involved. The students were very happy to meet with the mayor and he was genuinely excited to interact with the students and answer their questions.

Mayor Rowe is a very personable guy who likes to talk about Portsmouth and its future.

His vision for Portsmouth is to bring civility back to our city and unify everybody. He has also made big financial adjustments to Portsmouth’s funding.

Mrs. Sebastian's special needs class asking Mayor John Rowe questions.

Xavier Banister reading to Mayor John Rowe.

Photos: Elijah Macklin

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