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  • Dakota Clemente, Destiny Hudnell

Senior Views on Senior Dues

A majority of seniors are unhappy about Senior Week and are confused on what their dues are going towards.

“Some of the activities aren’t what most seniors want to do, but we will still be there with our friends. So it’ll be alright,” said Austin Younkins.

This year’s activities consist of Bingo Night, a banquet, Rebounderz, bowling, and Great Wolf Lodge.

“We wanted to do some different activities that the senior class hasn’t done before,” said Mrs. McEwen, senior week representative.

While there are a handful of students who are excited for this years activities, there are also seniors who aren’t as interested in the events planned.

“It's alright, nowhere near as good as the last couple years,” stated senior Cody Haines.

A​ ​poll​ ​created​ ​to​ ​show​ ​the overall feeling about​ ​Senior​ Week showed the low rate of excitement from seniors. Another poll showed that more than half of seniors would be willing to pay the extra cost to have a fun and memorable senior trip.

Seniors have compared what they want to do to Wilson’s trip to Florida. However, are they willing to pay the amount that Wilson students have to pay for this opportunity?

According to Sonji Hairston, Wilson High School’s vice principal, the Florida trip for Wilson is a separate cost, optional, and averages at $367-$469 per person.

Wilson’s senior dues are $150 and include senior shirt, senior class blanket, senior breakfast at Golden Corral, Water Country, and a trip on the Spirit of Norfolk. The cap and gown are a separate cost.

CHS senior dues are $200, though the majority of seniors are confused as to what this amount covers.

The dues pay for Senior Week events, cap and gown, diploma, diploma cover, graduation ceremony, tickets for graduation, and a senior hoodie.

Students that are not interested in Senior Week have an option. The dues paid will be reduced, but this is only if you don’t participate in any of senior week.

Next year seniors would like to have more input on choosing the events for Senior Week to make a student’s last year memorable.

Bar graph: Destiny Hudnell

Circle graph: Dakota Clemente

Photo: Dakota Clemente

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