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  • Kiley Dellinger, Taylor Adkins, Destiny Gallaway

Beware the Ides of March!

Mr. Gardener dressed as a Roman soldier.

Latin and World History students visited Christopher Newport University on Wednesday, March 15th, to celebrate the Ides of March and learn about ancient Rome, Greece, and Latin culture.

Many students enjoyed the PowerPoint presentation and learned many things about ancient musical instruments and mythology.

“They made instruments we still use today, the lyre is like the modern day guitar, and we still use the flute today,” Latin student, Moses Johnson said.

Benjamin Holec, President of Tidewater Classical Symposium, wanted the students to experience many different things other than just Latin.

“I wanted the students to have a really good time with other Latin students seeing that Latin is more than learning a difficult language and challenging vocabulary. It’s something that can be fun and entertaining and social.”

A lot of the students enjoyed the social aspect of the trip, especially meeting and getting to know new people from different schools.

All of the kids were separated into different groups and took part in many different activities; some of which included pottery painting, decorating cookies to look like ancient coins, making chainmail, and even Silly Olympics.

At the end of the day, there was a ‘Commodity War’ where each group had to defend its ‘country’ by trading with other countries and claiming territories. This was a lot of students’ favorite part.

After the Commodity Wars, Mr. Gardner dressed as an ancient Roman soldier to present the awards for the day. The awards went to the people who got the highest scores on the Latin and Classical Civilizations exams at the beginning of the day, and also to some outstanding art students.

Photos: Kiley Dellinger

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