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  • Leah Wynne, Kennedy Brinkely, Evan Smith

Football Team "Getting Better"

The Churchland Truckers football team has a reputation for not being the best recently, but they have added new elements and new faces to improve this season.

The Truckers aren’t just making new improvements, they also have a new coach. The new coach is a former Norfolk State University quarterback, Dontrell Leonard.

So far, the coach is doing a good job for the team. “He’s a good coach, he helps us a lot, he helps us do better and pushes us to do things,” said Kisheed Watson. “He seems like a good coach, he seems like he knows what he’s talking about. He played D1 quarterback at his college so I feel like we can all trust him with what he knows,” Morrison said about the new coach.

The teamwork is also a lot better, “We’re getting better… It was off at the beginning but now it’s a lot better,” said Darius Edwards, who’s on the Truckers.

The new weight room is helping them out. Isaac Morrison said, “I would say so, yeah. The A.D.has put a lot of money and a lot of time into our team. We see improvement from last year. We lost 69-0 to Norview now we only lost 7-2 so we’re hoping for a good season ahead.”

Asked who they thought were the main impact players, Edwards quickly responded, “Different days it’s different people.” Morrison added, “If I had to stick to one player I would probably say Kisheed (Watson), he’s very athletic, leading, has a good attitude on and off the field.” While Watson was a common athlete brought up when impact players are mentioned, his response was, “Basically the whole team has impact.”

The boys seem to have good teamwork and leadership, and tend to talk very highly of each other.

Even though they are still losing their games, going from 69-0 (Norview and Churchland respectively) last year to 7-2, is a huge improvement. If the opposing teams are scoring less, then that means that all the Churchland team has to do is get better at their offense, and they should, on paper, be set.

All in all, with new improvements, a new coach and new impact players, the Churchland High School Truckers are doing a lot better than they did last year and we hope to see them win multiple games in the near future.

Photo: Aniya Smith

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