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They’re More Than Just Chicks With Sticks

Field hockey is an unnoticed sport that many know about. Field hockey is an outdoor game played by two opposing teams of eleven players. Churchland High School has an outstanding varsity field hockey team with players that are determine to give their all at every game.

Two Trucker Nation reporters had the opportunity of interviewing Coach Simmons on her thoughts about the team.

Q: How do you feel about the field hockey team abilities to overcome their losses but still go out and give their best?

A: I definitely think that the team is able to overcome losses. Anytime we lose, usually the next game they’re giving more of an effort, so that’s something we work on in practices. You know, giving up the mindset of losing and just making sure that you’re always going into the new game with a fresh open mind.

Q: How do you think your team is doing this season?

A: The team is doing awesome! We’ve made a lot of improvements. I mean our season started back in July, so who we were then and who we are now is a big difference.

Trucker Nation also had the pleasure of interviewing a new field hockey player named Molly McDonald.

Q: Compared to other sports, how does field hockey stand out?

A: Well, I mean, I like soccer, but I like the coaches. They’re real nice and we do a lot of work. It’s nice.

Q: How do you feel about the upcoming games?

A: Pretty good. I think we’re prepared.

Q: The game on October 2nd when you were defeated by Deep Creek, if you could rewind back to that day how would you plan to do something differently?

A: I think we could’ve worked together as a team, and yeah have better teamwork and passes and everything.

Trucker Nation also had the pleasure of interviewing a returning player named Leah Wynne.

Q: How is this season different from previous seasons you have played?

A: It’s different because we have a whole lot of new people, so it’s a whole lot of reteaching, but I feel like we’re closer as a team.

Q: So yesterday's game, how do you feel about the team or yourself could’ve changed the outcome of that?

A: I think we just had a bad day, and I feel like if we just keep practicing our passing and communicating with each other on the field, it would’ve turned out a lot better.

Photo: Jacquline Lee

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