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  • Aniyah Smith: OPINION

ISS: Do You Want Me In or Out?

You should all know by now that if you are late to class a certain amount of times, you are sent to In School Suspension (ISS).

Do you honestly think being sent to ISS and missing the whole class period is a proper consequence for being a few minutes late?

“A lot of times it’s not the student’s fault that they’re late, sometimes it’s the parent’s fault,” said Security Officer Johnson.

Sometimes, it’s not up to the student what time their parent is able to drop them off, and a lot of times there is a huge backup of traffic in the mornings.

“Well honestly, I believe that if they were really concerned about missing their class time, they would get to school on time,” quoted Officer Boykins.

Don't get me wrong, a lot of times students could probably care less about being late multiple times, but either way, sending the student out to miss a full class period for late arrival doesn’t seem like best choice.

“If they’re already missing a lot of class time for being late, then making them miss more class is sometimes not the best thing,” our ISS coordinator, Mr. Suttmiller said.

For the people who don’t know how ISS works, whether it’s for being disrespectful or even being late a certain amount of times, the student is sent to a classroom for ISS and they have to get any work done that they will be missing during the block that they are in ISS.

“Usually you just gotta come in here, take a seat, and get your classwork sent down,” said Suttmiller.

I feel that some teachers are a little unfair with marking students tardy. A student could be a couple seconds or even just a minute late, and they have to face these absurd consequences.

“One of my teachers gives out quiz grades based on your attendance. If you’re tardy once, you get a 75%, if you’re tardy again that same week, you’ll be given a 0%,” said a CHS student.

It’s ridiculous for any teacher to give a student a 0% for being late, especially if it’s because of something they were unable to control.

A student’s learning and grades shouldn’t be affected because they were late.

Photo: Aniyah Smith

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