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Best Friends Compete for Top Honors

Some may wonder who is at the top of their class and ask themselves, “The people that are ranked at the top, do they belong in that position?” Luckily, the class of 2018 have some amazing prudent students that worked incredibly hard throughout their Churchland High School years.

Victoria Hill and Haley French who are best friends are both in the running to be valedictorian for the class of 2018.

The two girls are neck and neck with each other for valedictorian for the class of 2018. A few might wonder, “Does that put a strangle on their friendship?” Well no, the two best friends do not think of being at the top as a competition.

“I don’t think there’s really competiton, we don’t really discuss it, and I feel like my relationship with Haley, like we have a healthy relationship and help each other out more than anything. It’s never been an issue for us,” Hill said.

It’s great to have friends that encourage each other to strive for excellence and never discourage one another.

“I’m not saying I deserve it anymore than anyone else. I think everyone worked really hard,” French said.

Balancing school and after school life is challenging, however, these two girls worked very hard and they are proud to say that it will finally pay off. From all the late nights spent studying to being up all night trying to finish their projects as well as those who are in the class of 2018.

Some people see being ranked number 1 as if they are better than others, but to Hill she sees it as doing her best for herself.

“I’ve been doing my best for myself, and it’s not really like, ‘Oh I feel like I’m really good about it or something,’” Hill said.

It’s great to have a friend that wants you to succeed in life but it’s even better to succeed together.

“Me and Victoria, we study together, and I mean really we both are cheering each other on,” French said.

As we continue throughout the school year and as Hill and French go back and forth with who will be valedictorian, the Trucker Nation reporters wish nothing but the best for these two best friends, as well as the class of 2018.

Photos: Aniyah Smith

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