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  • Bella Eates and Kyle Haywood

Caution: Beware of CHS

You enter the doors of Churchland High School, all is quiet as you step through the main foyer. Students are in their classes, which means you can easily walk through those halls. But one thing catches your eye. You notice some of the missing tiles in the ceiling, buckets on the floor, caution signs most everywhere and then you start to think, “Is this a potential threat to my safety?”

A few weeks ago one of the old TV’s on the wall caught on fire after water dripped on it.

Mr. Perez’s third block class took witness to this rather surprising event.

Principal Millaci said, “We are working to address the situation, but so far, only two phone calls have been made. Later this afternoon, I’m going to email them.”

He later went onto say that the TV’s would not be removed until next summer.

Millaci is also aware of the other safety hazards that could affect staff and students. For example: the open roof tiles with exposed wires, the leaky ceilings, the buckets in the middle of the halls causing more traffic disturbance.

The greenhouses have many safety hazards as well, such as, “WARNING: High Voltage” and hazardous chemicals, skin and eye irritants, more open/exposed wires, on top of the risk of a water spill on those wires causing to spark and potentially catch fire.

The faulty fire alarm that kept malfunctioning led to chaos in the halls makes you wonder if it will happen again.

The fire may have been an accident, but it was one that could have been prevented if the TV’s had been taken out of the rooms and away from open tiles.

Photo: Aniyah Smith

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