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  • K'la Woodruff

This Veterans Day, Let’s Celebrate our Teachers

Lance Corporal Peeling Taking in 1996 at Fort Sill, OK.

Lance Corporal Peeling: Taken in 1996 at Fort Sill, OK

Veterans Day is the anniversary of the armistice which ended World War I between the Allied nations and Germany on November 11, 1918. It was made an official holiday on June 1, 1954 for us to remember and appreciate the soldiers who have fought for our freedom.

Many of you may be thinking, “Great, no school that day!” And that’s true, but there’s more to it than that.

You may or may not know that some of our teachers here at Churchland High School are veterans themselves.

Special Ed. teachers Mr. Patterson and Mr. Tice; World History teachers Mr. Peeling and Mr. Gardner; JROTC teachers Lieutenant Colonel Pratt and Gunnery Sergeant Nash; and English teacher Ms. Moody are all Veterans.

Mr. Patterson served six years in the Army, describing it as beautiful. He was was awarded “Soldier of the Year” and was given the “Sharpshooter” medal. He soon retired once his wife got pregnant and gave birth to a lovely baby girl.

Mr. Tice served 20 years in the Air Force saying it was a very good experience which taught him about teamwork and discipline, and having friends all over the world.

Mr. Peeling served eight years in the Marines and described it as “tough, motivating, and honorable.” He was given the “Selected Marine Corp” medal and the “National Defense” medal, and is proud to have been in the Marines.

Mr. Gardner served 21 years in the Navy describing it as helping with maturity and also doing lots of paperwork. He was given the “Humanitarian” and “Good Conduct” medals, as well as others.

Gunnery Sgt. Nash served 22 years in the Marines, worked extensively on the East Coast, and is grateful to retire with full health and strength.

Lieutenant Colonel Pratt served 24 years in the Marines and said it was a great experience, and was great to work with the best soldiers that America had to offer. Colonel Pratt was wounded in Iraq in 2008. The wounds were not life-threatening, and he was glad to serve more years in the Marines before he retired.

Ms. Moody served in the Army for 15 years and loved protecting our country and loved traveling overseas. She received many medals and awards such as the “Medals of Commendation.” She medically retired and is now known as a ‘Wounded Soldier.’

Let’s take a moment now to thank all of our Veterans for serving our country and fighting for our freedom. CHS salutes all of you and wishes you a Happy Veterans Day!

Photo: Courtesy of Mr.Peeling

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