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  • Kennedy Brinkley

Busybody Baylee

Baylee Wynn performing

Walking through her front door, exhausted and in need of sleep after an eleven hour day only to have to go to dance class directly after on most days. She continues to keep her head up knowing in order to meet her goals, she has to work hard.

While promptly scampering around the house getting ready to leave, she heats up some Ramen and starts on her homework. With only little time left, she throws on a leotard and is out the door.

Balancing AP classes, Governor’s School for the Arts [GSA], and dance is difficult, junior Baylee Wynn makes it look easy.

There are downsides. Not being able to enjoy lunch with her friends. Being difficult at times to balance GSA and school.

“It opens opportunities and it helps you learn how to balance your schedule,” says Wynn. She knows it will help her in the near future.

Determined and eager for success, Wynn continues to strive through any obstacle that is thrown her way.

Aside from dance, Baylee enjoys surfing at the beach with her dad, shopping, and reading.

When asked about some of the things she loves about Wynn, Dakota Clemente promptly responded, “Baylee is always positive, even when I know she’s had a really long day.”

A friend of 11 years, Leah Wynne also added, “I love how hard she works, and how if she has her mindset to something, she’s going to do it”.

Her mother along with some of her friends believe Wynn has the potential to make it big in the future when it comes to her love and strive for dancing. She is an independent, determined, and clear minded young woman on a road to success, with the support from her parents and friends.

“She’s confident in herself and her abilities. I do believe Baylee has the potential to go big. Not just in dance but anything she does,” says Sherry Wynn, Baylee’s mother.

Wynn is a busybody who makes it work. No matter what anyone throws her way.

Photo:Sherry Wynn

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