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  • Olivia Parker, Contributing Writer

Churchland's Got Talent

Nadae Jones performs "My Way"

No one seems to remember the last time we had a talent show here at school, and the organizer of this year’s show, Mrs. Ward, can say the same.

“Honestly, the kids kinda brought it up to me like the first week of school. And that’s when they asked me if we could do it, and I said sure,” said Mrs. Ward. “And I didn’t even know them. They just asked me to do it.”

The show took place in the auditorium on Friday, November 3rd at 6:30pm. Both students and teachers alike came out and performed.

The show opened with Spanish teacher Mrs. King at the piano singing a beautiful Alicia Key’s “If I Ain’t Got You” piece.

Student hosts Raven Woods and Aumon Williams excited the audience and made the show run smoothly.

Some students received standing ovations.

Nadae Jones performed Frank Sinatra’s “My Way,” an automatic favorite of the crowd. Zephaniah Chandler’s rendition of “Billie Jean” earned him a standing ovation. The show later closed with Keyshawn and Sam’s step team act.

Zephaniah Chandler

“I had a really great time. I really liked Che’Ron Daniels, MacKenzie [Engel] and I also liked Zephaniah Chandler,” said performer Fatimah Means after her dance piece.

“I liked all of them - they all did great. It's going to be a hard competition, but everybody did good!” said Che’Ron Daniels.

Keyshawn and Sam

The talent show ended with the hosts and judges announcing the winners.

Talent show winners:

1st Nadae Jones

2nd Keyshawn and Sam

3rd Zephaniah Chandler

Mrs. McEwan

Mr. Marriner

Photos: Olivia Parker

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