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  • Aniyah Smith: OPINION


All over social media most of the time you all see the hashtag BLACK LIVES MATTER and the hashtag ALL LIVES MATTER.

Of course we all know that everyone’s life matters, but when people are using that as a rebuttal to black lives matter, then those people should be seen in the wrong.

Throughout years black people were enslaved, raped, sold, and even beaten just for their skin color.

We as a human race, should understand how hard life was for colored people and take it into consideration that their lives do matter.

I think one of the main reasons the black lives matter movement was made is because this race has gone through an immense amount of hardship and has been terrorized for years.

"Americans should know that just because you’re pro-black, doesn’t mean you’re anti-white."

We all should know that no one race is more important or superior, but we shouldn’t have a problem with uplifting an entire race that has faced those horrible things.

Slavery was brought to Jamestown, Virginia in 1619, and from there slavery was spread across America.

Not until 1863 were African Americans “freed” from being slaves, but of course it didn’t just end there.

Ridiculous laws were passed such as Jim Crow Laws and Black Codes to keep colored people down.

These laws not only segregated blacks from whites, but it also took away almost all of colored people’s rights away from them. Even though slavery was ended, blacks still weren’t being treated like the human beings they were.

After all of these things colored people have faced, why wouldn’t we as a nation not want to shine light and lift up these beautiful and important people?

Americans should know that just because you’re pro-black, doesn’t mean you’re anti-white.

If it was ‘black lives matter, too,’ then maybe other people’s ignorance wouldn’t get in the way of them seeing how important this movement is.

By Rose Colored Photo (#BlackLivesMatter) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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