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  • K'la Woodruff

School Bathrooms May Get Much Needed Make-overs

The bathrooms.

Frequently clogged toilets, broken faucets, mysterious fluids on the floor.

Students have come to expect substandard conditions when entering the bathrooms here at Churchland High School, but changes may be coming.

Principal Millaci is aware that many students are not happy about the condition of the bathrooms. “The SCA and I are working on ways to improve the bathrooms by getting new mirrors, re-painting the walls, and putting motivational quotes on the walls,” he said.

Some students feel the bathrooms only need cosmetic changes, like student Tanasha Franklin, who said, “Our school bathrooms are decent. They could paint the walls a different color and get new mirrors.”

Sophomore Jaiquan Edwards agreed the bathrooms aren’t as good as they should be.

“The bathrooms are dirty and sloppy,” said Edwards. “The students need to clean up after themselves.”

When asked who could be responsible for the condition of the bathrooms, student Merical Savage said both the students and the janitors. “The janitors could do better, and the students should treat the bathrooms like their house bathroom.”

We all know that our bathrooms aren’t the best. But we can make them better if we volunteer to help.

Sophomore Elijah Mackin proposed a few things the school could do to help the bathrooms look more presentable and maybe make the students want to take care of them. “We need to keep it from looking like trash. We could get locks on our doors, new color paint on the walls, and two soap dispensers,” said Macklin.

The janitors are aware of the issues as well, but can only do so much. Are the bathrooms as filthy as students say? Ms. C. Richardson, a CHS janitor, said, “It depends on certain days when your ‘peers’ use the bathrooms. Other than that it’s pretty good.”

When asked what was the worst thing she’s seen in the bathrooms, Richardson would rather not say.

When asked if he knew that students were writing all on the walls and clogging the toilets, Millaci replied, “Yes. We moved the cameras to know what students are going in and out of the bathrooms, so we are aware of what’s going on. Students need to take pride in our school and need to keep the school in good condition.”

So everyone let’s take pride in our school and be responsible. Take care of our bathrooms. We can make a difference.

Photo: Elijah Macklin

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