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  • Leah Wynne

A Dance Under the Stars

Prom season is coming up and girls have already started searching for dresses and shoes.

This year’s junior class and their class sponsor, Ms. Graham, are preparing for prom. They have decided it will be held on May 12th at the Portsmouth Renaissance Hotel in downtown Portsmouth. It will last from 7pm to 11pm.

Tickets are going to cost 60-65 dollars and will be for sale to juniors and seniors. You can purchase one other ticket if you wish to bring a guest.

Parking is not free, so bring money for the parking garage.

The junior class voted for the theme of this year’s prom and the majority of votes was for “Under The Stars”. The colors will be blue, silver, and white in the ballroom.

“I voted for Under the Stars because I thought the colors for that theme would look the best.” said junior, Kennedy Brinkley.

Before everyone decides what they’re wearing, they should be aware of the dress code.

Females should have all personal areas covered; backless dresses are fine, but breasts must be completely covered. Dresses shouldn’t be shorter than 6 inches from the knee.

Males should be dressed in formal or semi-formal wear. They are not allowed to wear hats, bandanas, carry canes or walking sticks.

If you have a question about the appropriateness of your outfit, you should run it by Ms. Graham in room 124 before renting or buying.

Light appetizers and desserts will also be served with sodas, tea, and water.

Photo by: Jadyn Anderson

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