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  • Clarice Pate

Wycoff Takes Off

He feels the sweat drip down his face, he wants to beat his time. Seeing the end, he starts to sprint. His legs are burning, but he doesn’t give up. He has to do better. He catches his breath and checks the time. He did it.

Just ending practice, CHS senior Mikhail “Mikey” Wycoff heads home. Being a student and an athlete, he still has work to do.

“It is very stressful being a student athlete. You got to stay on top of your work and take care of stuff at home, all while participating in practices,” Wycoff explains.

Running definitely seems like a tiring sport, but Wycoff makes it look otherwise.

“I have only been running since my junior year,” he says. “Many people do not know that.”

Based on his accomplishments, the trophies he has won, and the opportunities he has had, it seems as if he has been running his whole life. Wycoff is naturally gifted.

“I got some medals for cross country and two for track. It’s not a lot but it’s some. I have been to cross country nationals this year and I also went to states as the backup last year,” he said.

It may not seem like a lot, but only running since his junior year, Wycoff has accomplished a lot. But he doesn’t do it for the medals or glory; he does it for the way he feels and how he can just let everything go.

“I like running because of the fact you can get rid of the negative energy in your life,” he said.

Wycoff is a great runner and he does whatever he can do to run. All seasons, running. Cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track. He never gives up, he’s Mikey Wycoff.

Photo By: Aniyah Smith

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