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  • Jadyn Anderson

Eight Minutes

Due to the crazy amount of snow this winter, our school has been closed plenty of times. We’ve had two hour delays, early releases, and just flat out no school. It is impossible to miss this many days and hours of school without some sort of consequence. In this scenario, the consequence is that eight minutes have been added to the end of our school day.

Eight minutes may not seem like that much. It’s only two minutes to each class. But when you have over a thousand of tired, hungry, and irritated teenagers, eight minutes is a big difference.

Many students argue that the eight minutes are pointless.

“The extra eight minutes has done nothing for me but make an excuse for my teachers to say class isn’t over even though I’m packing up at the regular time. It’s as if these extra two minutes aren’t a waste of my precious time, when in reality, I could be using this time to do something actually productive, like working towards a proper career,” says Thanh Lam Jr., a CHS student.

While many students dislike the eight minutes, other students are actually alright with it.

“The extra minutes often confuse me, but I think it’s helpful. I usually am unable to finish my work by the time the bell rings, but now I have a few extra minutes to get it done,” Evan Wynne, another student at CHS, said.

I’ve been told by some teachers that the extra eight minutes have only been added on to eventually make up for our lost school days due to snow. Many people find it useless because eight minutes are obviously a very short amount of time.

This schedule started on January 22nd, and lasts until sometime in May. Hopefully we won’t have to face this situation again.

Photo by: Kevin Bolduc

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