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  • Caitlyn Prater and Gaige Baker

Too Tardy for the Party

A new tardy policy was implemented this semester in order to keep students in class. With the new policy comes a new system as well, as in computer system. This system helps out the administration a lot, and they feel satisfied to have it in place.

With students roaming the halls constantly, administration knew something needed to change. However, some students believe that this new tardy policy is a waste of time and don’t think it will work as planned.

Many teachers say the new policy is helpful.

“It’s less work on me as a teacher to have to sorta keep track of. Okay, well this person came in at this time. I already have the piece of paper telling me exactly when they were tardy,” said English teacher Mrs. Mungo.

Some students are left with mixed emotions.

“They target students they know they can get,” said senior Ben McCoury.

With the new system, teachers do not have to manually input tardies for students who show up to class late. It is especially helpful to attendance clerk, Jennifer Simmons.

“It’s easier on me, because I don’t have to put in as many tardies and I’ve noticed, and teachers have noticed, less students in the hallways,” said Simmons.

The first few tardies are simply warnings, but the consequences increase with each successive one. A written essay, cafeteria duty, calls home, ISS, and suspension are other consequences.

Since the new policy was implemented, there seems to be a drop in the number of tardies, and there are less students roaming the halls during class changes.

“We have seen the number (of tardies) decrease,” said Principal Millaci.

When it comes to the tardy policy, many teachers see it as a good solution to a bad problem. As for students, many find the policy unacceptable.

When asked if she likes the new policy, junior Taylor Rice said, “No, I don’t like it at all.”

But some students find it helpful and a great way to change past problems.

“It’s very effective, I love it,” CHS student David Holloway said.

When it comes to cafeteria duty, most students would agree that it is unreasonable, but for some teachers, cafeteria duty is a good way to discipline students for being late.

French teacher Mr. Bemmerzouk said that in some countries the students are the janitors, which teaches them respect. “This school belongs to you (students). We are hired to be here; you guys are here because it’s your life,” he said.

Only time will tell how well it will actually work.

Photos By: Caitlyn Prater

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