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  • Gaige Baker

National Walkout Day

Thousands of students across the country took part in a national walkout for the seventeen students who were killed in the Florida shooting last month.

Wednesday March 15, 2018 will go down in history as a day when students stood up for what they believed in. Many students across the world protested for more gun laws while others just wanted to honor and remember the students who died. Churchland High School was one of many schools that participated in this event.

“I think the walkout demonstrates freedom of speech, and it demonstrates what students can and cannot do,” said English teacher Mrs. Ward.

While some teachers were supportive, others were not completely onboard.

“I believe that a fair amount of our student body is not savvy with what has happened in Florida or in this country as far as gun violence in schools. Most of them heard ‘get out of class’ and jumped on it,” said history teacher Mr. Perez.

Most of the student body exited the school at ten o’clock in the morning and stayed outside for seventeen minutes in order to honor all seventeen students who died. It was well-organized, the students were respectful, and they acted with maturity.

Photos: Gaige Baker

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