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  • Jada Farris: OPINION

The Illegal Anti-Immigration Crisis: All They Want is the American Dream

They ask this question: “Why can’t I come in?”

All they want is the so-called “American Dream.” But what does this really mean to an immigrant from another country? What makes the “American Dream” so great to them?

Illegal immigrants coming into America has been an issue for many years. It has become an even bigger issue since President Obama left office and President Trump came in. Some Americans view all immigrants from Mexico and Latin America as taking our jobs and bringing drugs and drug dealers into our country. Some Americans view all immigrants from Iraq as terrorists helping ISIS.

Over 43 million immigrants lived in the United States in 2016, accounting for 13.5 percent of the total U.S. population, according to American Community Survey (ACS) data. Some Americans say that’s too many and want the government to deport them, but the United States is a diverse country with opportunities for anyone.

We are a country of immigrants. For some reason there is this huge ego that we have about being the best country in the world. So are we the best? Well let's distinguish what makes us “best”; healthcare ranked one of the worst in the world, gun violence on the rise, and so many more problems. But immigrants from Latin America and Iraq are coming from war-torn countries with even worse problems, and they see past our issues because they want some type of refuge here.

DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) is a policy that President Obama created as a way to protect children who were brought to America by illegal immigrant parents from being deported. Trump wants this to be canceled. Why though? He wants innocent children who were brought here because of their parents’ desire for a better life just to be deported back to the place their parents didn’t want them to be. To take this away and deport them back seems like President Trump doesn't have a heart at all. He says that America has no choice, for the safety of our country.

What are Americans scared of exactly? What is the fear in Americans about them coming here? Americans don’t fear legal immigration rather they fear illegal immigration more than ever.They fear the unknown of these people coming into this country.

The Honduras Caravan has been in the news lately because they are coming to the American border and won’t take no for an answer.They are willing to risk their lives or get killed to come here and will do whatever it takes.The caravan is close to 6,000 participants since October 12. They are walking in the hot heat and suffering from heat exhaustion just to come their final destination… America.

Trump wants them to turn around and walk back to where they came from. He doesn't want them here at all. He will send down 800 troops to stop immigrants from entering this country. Hopefully there will not be a chaotic stance with the troops and caravan when they get to the US border.

PHOTO BY: CC0 Creative Commons

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