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  • Maria Ruiz: OPINION

Antisocial Social Media

“But… what will people think?”

That’s the first thing that comes to our minds before we make a decision.

Boys and girls’ self-esteem is measured in ‘likes.’ So much so that they live for the picture and not for the moment anymore. Concerts or sunsets, they just see them through their screens.

The Technological Era has delayed us. We can’t even leave home without our phones. This is making us forget to feel and to develop our creativity. It’s stopping our flights of emotion.

If I look around in the streets, in the public transport, in the school, in the gym, everyone is attached to their devices.

Maybe the question we should ask to ourselves is why. Why are we doing this?

Nowadays, children grow up surrounded by technology. Not many years ago, if you wanted to play with a toy airplane and you didn’t have one, you could just take a stick and use your imagination. Now, they can search it on Internet and that’s it. We can’t develop our originality or our potential if we keep going like this.

We live in a world in which we are slaves of the technology that we own. People want to prove how perfect their lives are. The problem begins when everyone seems to be happier than what they actually are.

It may sound like a cliche, but we have one only time in this world and we are wasting it.

It’s more important to post it than to feel it. Some of us even change who we really are so that the rest of the people will like us. Buy those expensive shoes, get the newest phone, be skinny, get good grades, make your parents proud, be popular. Are you happy doing this?

We see all this everywhere. We believe that we have to follow everyone, and stereotypes are making people feel scared of being different.

Yes, you have a million of followers on Instagram, more than six hundred of friends on Facebook, thousands of retweets, but have you ever not used your phone for a whole day? Have you ever felt anxious when you can’t find it anywhere? Are you living your life for you?

So put down your phone, because you are never, ever going to be here again, in this moment. Reduce the hours you spend checking your social media, hang out with friends, look at that sunrise with your own eyes, and learn how to feel again.

Photo Credits: Alex Robinson, Kevin Bolduc

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