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  • Alex Robinson

Beartooth - Disease

Beartooth is a very different band that is difficult to fit into any genre or even subgenre. The band gave a feel of many different genres, such as hardcore punk and metalcore especially on their newest album Disease, released on September 28, 2018. Disease is Beartooth’s fourth studio album and even after only hearing it a couple of times, it already changed things for me quite a bit. The album consists of twelve tracks including songs such as “Afterall” and “Fire.” The album was said by the band’s frontman Caleb Shomo to feel more “dark”, “personal”, and “intense” than their previous album, Aggressive.

Earlier this year, the band’s guitarist, Taylor Lumley left the band to go after other things and was ultimately replaced by the ex-guitarist of the band Like Moths to Flames, Zach Huston. Taylor’s leaving was on good terms and the new replacement went as smoothly as possible as they could continue to tour with little to no error.

Disease has many enjoyable songs and there were none that I would skip if the CD was playing. It’s approaching impossible for me to choose a favorite song, because most of them give off very different vibes and are very hard to compare. Quite a few songs did not really relate to me, but were saved by Caleb’s vocals. The instrumental work is hard hitting with killer guitar riffs and drums that will get you jumping. Nearly every track got me moving, that’s for sure. I didn’t take that much interest in Beartooth before, even after seeing them live. As great of a show they put on, I just felt like there was something missing. Disease was definitely that extra push to get me obsessed with them.

If I had to give a rating, this album would receive an easy 9/10. The album showed exactly what Caleb was aiming for, a darker and more personal feel than the previous albums. Disease shared just a slice of their overall musicality to pull you in and never let you out.

Artwork: Fair Use

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