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  • Alex Robinson: OPINION

Modern Humor: Just Why?

Comedy has been around since the beginning of time. Everything was always based around witty jokes that actually make sense, like clever one-liners or maybe even a simple knock knock joke. But imagine if none of it meant anything and the average person found normal everyday objects, or even letters funny. Surprise! That may just be the route we’re heading down now.

Everywhere on the internet, memes and other things of the sort have gotten to such extreme levels of irony that tired out and overused jokes, or even a picture of a bottle of juice make many tear up in laughter. Random distorted pictures that make no sense whatsoever are what most find humorous currently and who knows how long it could go on? Entertainment could become so surreal in the future that there might just be no meaning to anything anymore.

I personally find the evolution of humor quite interesting. I love looking at my phone or computer and seeing a heavily distorted and low resolution Miranda Cosgrove rapping about the fall of Yugoslavia, it gives me a good laugh. I don’t think everyone agrees however.

“I don’t think I get it,” says English and Journalism teacher Kevin Bolduc. “If I just saw a picture with no context, I don’t think I would laugh. I would just feel like I am missing something.”

“Humor has to go somewhere, but this generation…” he says as he lets out a sigh.

The current state of comedy may have more effect on the younger audiences however.

“Change is always constant, like in comedy, if a picture of a grape is funny then a picture of a grape is funny,” says CHS senior KeVel “Mr. Positivity” Collins.

“Comedy is evolving; anyone that says it’s devolving is wrong because it’s always changing, if it stayed the same, that would be devolving.”

Most of this generation seems to find the current state more humorous because it’s something fresh.

“I am totally for it because everyone out there is doing the same stuff as someone else, that’s why I find more current memes and things like that a lot funnier now.”

All in all, I know comedy is dead and I am loving every second of it. The randomly generated and out of context things are golden to me and many others. I believe it’s going to stay that way for a while.

Artwork: 1: Fair Use

2: CC0 Modified by Alex Robinson

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