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  • Alex Robinson

Ian Robinson: College 'N' Stuff

Ian Robinson is a class of 2018 graduate from Churchland High School that is currently attending William and Mary University. During his time in the school, he made his mark in many places. It’s hard to even find a teacher who hasn’t at least heard his name before. Ian gives some advice about college as a whole from his point of view.

Ian was the student representative for the school board for a bit of time, but how did it impact him in the long run?

“It wasn’t really as big of a part as it seems. It didn’t boost me into any position or give me a role in college, it was just something that I did, it just didn’t carry over into college really.”

From Churchland to William and Mary is a big jump, Ian shows that there are quite a few differences.

“William and Mary is the second oldest learning institution in the U.S.A, it is old, it’s full of bricks, it’s full of smart people, and it’s full of people who think they’re smart,” he says with a grin on his face.

Ian begins to lead into the freedoms of college.

“It’s different from Churchland in a lot of ways, there’s more people, more things to do and more freedom,” says Ian. “There aren’t people riding you all the time to do your work, if you want to succeed there, you have to want to succeed or you won’t.”

Even with all of the freedom however, he puts it as if no one is going to be completely ready to take such a big step up from high school unless their head is in the right place so to speak.

“Yes I was prepared, but I really thought I was more ready,” he says. “It’s not as big of a thing as it’s made out to be, you don’t have to go through this journey to find yourself to be ready, It’s just a mindset.”

Ian gives a few words to students who may be put off by the idea of college.

“College is fun, college is really good for you, it’s an experience different for everybody, but it’s an experience nonetheless,” he says.

“If you want that experience, you’ve gotta grab it, if you really want it, you’ve gotta make it work for yourself, you’ve gotta make it happen.”

Ian gives some good advice about how to work towards the step.

“You’ve got to make sure you get involved, you’ve got to keep your grades up, as much as I hate it you’ve gotta do good on standardized testing, but you really honestly just have to stand out.”

Diversity is a big part of what schools want in students, like Ian explains, it couldn’t have been worded better.

“Colleges want diversity in more ways than one, they want different people out there making up their school and representing them; no one gets into college off of straight charisma, I sure wish you could because I’d be in Harvard right now.”

After explaining the mindset you have to be in, he puts it all together.

“It’s not for everybody, but if you get into college and enjoy it, it might be one of the best experiences of your life.”

Ian reiterates some points and gives some final words.

“College is both really forgiving and really unforgiving, college lets you do whatever you want, whenever you want and however you want,” he says.

“There’s an upside and a downside, you won’t have anyone say hey you should do some assignments, or hey you should come to class more often.”

He starts to explain that most of it is a blessing and a curse.

“You can skip any class you want, you’ll be fine until you’re not.” he says.

“You can slack on any assignments, you’ll be fine until you’re not…”

Ian wraps it all up nicely with a final statement.

“College isn’t for everyone, if you think you wanna go to college, do it, go apply somewhere, take the SAT, ball out on it, get good grades, be unique and just want it.”

Photo Credits: Alex Robinson

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