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  • Niaya Thomas

CHS Girls' Bathroom

Imagine going into the bathroom and seeing a toilet plastic wrapped, or without a toilet seat; how about going to wash your hands and most of the sinks don’t work or they spray you? Here at Churchland High School the cleanliness of the bathrooms continue to be a problem for us girls everyday.

The girls are constantly complaining about the sinks, the stalls, the scent, and we hope that the problems can be fixed. “I heard they’re gross,” said Mr.Powers, a teacher here at CHS. Apparently word gets around.

Most of the sinks in the girls’ bathrooms don’t work and they’re very dirty. The ones that do work barely supply hot water and they spray all over you. The smell is constantly horrible and you can always find tissue or paper towels all over the floor. The stalls are also disgusting and there’s writing and carvings on the doors and walls. This is supposed to be the girls’ bathroom you’d think it would be well kept.

Alliyah Jones, a Junior here at CHS says, “I should be able to use the bathroom without being called a bad word or looking like I got poured on.” Alliyah doesn’t like the fact that there’s so much profanity on the stall doors and she feels they should be repainted over. Although she does feel the bathrooms could be way better, she loves the new mirrors they installed because now she can see herself very clearly.

Another Junior here at CHS, Autumn Brookes, says, “I don’t feel comfortable using the bathroom due to sanitary issues and we need brighter lights because the ones we have are dim.” Autumn says the stalls are usually never clean and she would appreciate it if we had paper toilet seat covers. “Why do we have to squat to use the bathroom just to make sure we don’t come in contact with any germs or diseases?” A quick fix to these problems could be simply Lysol Wipes or just new seat covers in general.

A number of students don’t even like to use those bathrooms unless it’s an emergency not only because of the smell, but because of the general atmosphere in there. Some students feel disgusted even just walking in there.

Jah’ree Rogers, a male Junior here at CHS said, “Most of our sinks work, but the bathroom is normally dirtier than hobo underwear; there’s poop and pee everywhere and we usually have soap, but never paper towels.”

Another male Junior, Keontae White stated, “Most of the sinks work they just spray everywhere and the bathrooms are sometimes clean, but they usually have pee everywhere.”

The boys’ bathrooms isn’t any better than ours although most of their sinks do work; the sinks also spray everywhere. Their bathrooms are also very dirty along with the stalls.

Is anything going to be done about a place we’re supposed to have the most privacy, but we don’t even feel comfortable in?

Our principal, Mr. Millaci made it very clear that he didn’t know about the conditions of the girls’ bathrooms. “I was unaware of these issues, but now that I am, I’ll make sure I request a meeting with the Operations Department to fix these problems.”

Mr. Millaci plans on fixing our problems with the sinks and he also has plans on adding more color to our bathrooms and putting inspirational quotes on the wall. Overall, Millaci would love to make this school the best it can be and make sure all of the students here at Churchland High are happy.

Photo: Aniyah Smith

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