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  • Destiny Loftus

The Brand New CHS Boxing Club

Recently flyers around the school have been popping up about the new Churchland Boxing Club. The club had their interest meeting last month February 28, 2019 in room 211 at 2:20 after school.

Reading the flyer, you'll see that there are four student leaders and two class sponsors by the names Michael Mann, Zykym Taylor, Terrence Lacey, and Tahj King, as well as Mr. Powers and Mr.Thompson as the Teacher Sponsors.

Many Students around campus were really shocked at the number of student leaders. Also many students have been posting on social media to get the word out, seems like a lot of students are interested and excited about this upcoming club.

Mr. Powers made it known that junior Michael Mann was the main proponent. “He is a very ambitious student, he’s the guy who kinda got all this started,” said Powers.

Powers also got the local Portsmouth Police Department involved. Not only are they sponsoring the club, they are also donating punching bags and boxing gloves.

Powers knows that sponsoring this boxing team will create a great and healthy outlet for the students to let out any anger and frustration out. While doing this, they will be benefiting the students’ health through training, as well as teaching them.

Photo: Aniyah Smith

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