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  • Khaqmari Green

4th Generation K-Pop

A K-pop group is classified as 4th generation or simply 4th gen if the group was founded in 2018 or later. The famous K-pop groups, better known as Korean Pop music, has won millions of hearts. The music has been widely loved by fans across the globe and have been incredibly supportive.

The most viral generation of today is sweeping the maximum benefits from the artists from previous generations. The most popular groups today include StrayKids, Ateez, (G)-idle, TxT, Itzy, Enhypen, Aespa, Ive, Le sserafim, and New Jeans. What took years to achieve success in the yesteryears, many 4th generation groups capable of achieving in a matter of a few months.

Choreography only improved with each passing generation, with more innovation, speed, and difficulty levels. Noticeably, there has been an increased focus on creating easy hooks for building viral social media challenges. The productive quality of music videos is at its finest, with each video outdoing the previous ones. This generation has explored darker and bolder concepts, Sci-Fi and self-love, a theme that’s been exploited to its fullest.


Despite the negative impacts to the touring and live performance industry due to the 2020 pandemic, K-pop groups unexpectedly continued to achieve multitude of success and the attractiveness of K-pop has grown to new heights. Many songs started topping global charts, bringing in millions of views on Youtube within hours, and multiple albums were surpassing 1 million views.

The 4th generation has also seen the birth of virtual or AI idols like MAVE. Both fashion and makeup have been the most experimental to date. It’s theatrical and screamers luxury brands from the top to bottom. However, that hasn’t stopped many looks from becoming a trend internationally. Outfits these days either focus on the individual personality of the artists or the concept, and are less about being coordinated between members.


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