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  • Kamonte' Sykes

Bus Shortages in our Area

Portsmouth Public Schools are experiencing major bus shortages.

Once the school year of 2021-2022 began, PPS students and staff have addressed the bus shortages due to the lack of drivers in the area.

Churchland High School French Teacher Mrs. Hatfield tells us, “A lot of people are aware in the area, regionally, and beyond; that there are simply shortages in staffing in many, many areas.”

Hatfield is one of the many staff that is involved in making the student riders comfortable throughout this time.

“As a teacher and a person who helps on the bus ramp, what we can do is simply work with what we have,” Hatfield stated.

The priority for the staff is to deliver the information for the students, so that it’s not confusing for the students riders.

A CHS sophomore Taija Johnson stated,“I don’t feel like it’s a wait for me because if the bus is out, I’ll have my stepmom come and get me,”

Johnson is a student rider who experiences bus delays and shortages daily.

“If my stepmom comes to get me when the bus is out then I’ll wait in the front of the building, if not I wait inside the auditorium and wait for the second load,” Johnson explained.

“It’s different everyday and what’s really important is that we just all work together so we get the information out there to the students.” Hatfield mentioned.

The teachers and staff seem to have the bus shortages under control for the most part at Churchland High School, throughout this unusual school year.

Photo: Kamonte’ Sykes


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