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Guts Spilled (A Track By Track Review)

A picture of Olivia's current tour. The Guts World Tour.

Pop singer Olivia Rodrigo released the deluxe version of her hit album GUTS on March 22, 2024. The album consists of 5 more songs than the original album. Olivia aimed to spill her GUTS and detail the heartbreak and dark moments of her young adulthood. The album discusses themes of heartbreak, social anxiety, beauty standards, jealousy and has a (so over breakups) attitude. The album seems to have a slightly lighter feel compared to her last project SOUR. 

Olivia Rodrigo is a pop singer. She is considered one of the most famous people among the Generation Z. She got her start on Disney Channel and slowly started to gain recognition for her musical abilities too. Her nostalgic debut album Sour was released in 2021. When this album was released the world immediately fell in love with her lyrics and aesthetic and became one of her biggest fans. Her songs speak to a generation and she has been considered a guiding light.

She is actually in the middle of a world tour. The tour started on Feb 23, 2024 and will be traveling accross the Americas and European countries over the course of the spring and summer. The Guts World Tour includes all songs from both albums and even includes Can’t Catch Me Now, a slow burning ballad that she wrote for the Hunger Games franchise. Now that you have some information about Olivia Rodrigo, let's start the review.

(All American Bitc*) The album begins with the American society anthem All American Bitc*. Rodrigo wrote this song about the societal expectations of American women. The song has a comedic feel to it as she sings about all too familiar stereotypes like using a Coca Cola bottle to comb your hair and having a pocketful of sunshine everywhere you go. The highlight of the song was toward the end when Rodrigo sings I scream inside and deal with it like ah. At that point she lets out a scream to show her frustration. The song starts as a sweet ballad then turns into an uptempo jump up and down song. I would rate this song 10 stars.

(Bad Idea Right?) The second song on the album is the punky anthem Bad Idea Right. The song is the opening number of her world tour and always gets the crowd hyped. Rodrigo wrote this song about the contemplation of getting back together with an ex boyfriend. In the pre chorus she repeats the line seeing you tonight it’s a bad idea right? Then her conscience tells her whatever it’s fine. She gives us a story of leaving a party to hang out with an ex. The highlight of the song was in the pre chorus when she sings the line my brain goes ah also the music in the song is something that instantly gets in your head. The song is an uptempo sassy eye rolling song with a melody that gives you instant euphoria. I would rate this song 10 stars.

(Vampire) The lead single from the album is the heartbreaking piano ballad Vampire. This song has been all over the radio for the past few months and with a ballad this good it deserves all the time it can get. Olivia wrote this song about the brutal heartbreak that she encountered. The song compares her ex to a vampire. She states that her ex only comes out at night and sucks all of the blood from her body. Her heartbreaking vocals are the highlight of this song and they really make you feel her pain. The song starts off as a slow burning piano ballad and slowly transitions into an uptempo masterpiece. This song is definitely one of the highlights of the album and I give it a 10 star review

(Lacy) The fourth song on the album is called Lacy. This song has been covered by other artists and has been considered a fan favorite. Over a soft breezy guitar Olivia displays her jealousy towards a female in her life. If you’ve ever felt jealousy or are feeling jealousy this song is relatable. She goes in depth with details like skin like puff pastry and eyes white as daisies. The highlight of this song are the lyrics at the end of the song. Yeah I despise my rotten mind and how much it worships you. The song is a slow burning ballad that really slows things down after the first songs. I give it a 8/10 star review

(Ballad Of A Homeschooled Girl) The next song is the social anxiety anthem Ballad Of The Homeschooled Girl. This song gives you the satisfaction that you are not alone with your struggles with social anxiety and not fitting in. With the chorus stating that she wants to curl up and die. Olivia gives us a glimpse into her anxiety filled teen life. The highlight of the song has to be in the end when she starts ad-libbing random lines to show the complexity of social anxiety. The song's music would make Avril Lavinge proud. I give it a 10/10 star review

(Making The Bed) Now things start to get emotional. This was the hardest song for Olivia to write. The song is about accepting the responsibility of something that you’ve done. Olivia equates this to her responsibilities as a global pop star. Even if we can’t relate to that, we have all done things in our life that we have to take responsibility for. This is probably the most emotional song on the record and it really pierces through the heart. The highlight of this song are the lyrics in its entirety. This is a strict piano ballad that will have you tearing up. I give it a 10/10 star review

(Logical) If you have ever been manipulated by someone, Olivia wrote this song for you. This person seems to have emotionally and mentally manipulated Olivia and she still feels half responsible for their wrongdoing. With Rodrigo emotionally singing lyrics like two plus two equals five and I'm the love of your life, you can’t help but feel her pain. The highlight of this song is at the end when there is a mini chorus that repeats the lines Oh logical, logical love is never logical I know I could’ve stopped it all God why didn’t I stop it all. This song really highlights her vocal chops. I give this song a 9/10 star review

(Get Him Back!) This song is a hilarious and corny breakup song. In the song Olivia wants to get back her ex-boyfriend both literally and figuratively. She wants to get back together with him just so she could break his heart like he did to her. This song will make you happy and feels like an anthem that you should blast on a Friday night. The highlight of the song is during the bridge when she sings the sarcastic line I am my fathers daughter so maybe I can fix him. Alluding to the fact that her dad is a therapist. The song is an upbeat Avril Lavigne-esque song that makes you want to do a cartwheel. This song closes out her world tour set and has the whole crowd singing and dancing along I give this song a 10/10 star review

(Love Is Embarrassing) The next track is a sugar rush that takes you back to the most embarrassing moments of your life. In the song Olivia details her embarrassing relationship problems and even calls herself a loser who is not worth mentioning. The song itself sounds like an organized chaos. The highlight of this song is the music. It sounds like a sunny day driving along a beach coast. The song is an upbeat 80s style song that gives you instant euphoria and makes you feel good about yourself and your mistakes. I give this song a 10/10 star review

(The Grudge) This song is about a very specific moment that happened in Oliva’s life. The song details a phone call that she answered on a Friday night in May. The phone call ended her relationship with that person. She even sings that the person was someone that she looked up to. Because this song is so specific, the song is probably the least relatable. I give this song a 5/10 star review

(Pretty Isn’t Pretty) The next track Pretty Isn’t Pretty is a self esteem anthem that discusses unreachable  female beauty standards. This song may be the most relatable on the album and Rodrigo definitely pinpoints us teenagers. She makes us feel like we are not alone in our struggles with perfection. Many adults complain that there wasn’t a pop star like Olivia Rodrigo who wrote songs about deep and emotional topics when they were youngsters. So we should appreciate Olivia's honest lyrics and her ability to capture exact feelings. You should know that you are beautiful and inside and out and that you should never try to conform to any standards. The song's music speeds things up before slowing back down for the last track Teenage Dream.

I give this song a 10/10 star review 

(Teenage Dream) If you are a teenager Olivia wrote this song with you in mind. Olivia stated that this was the first song that she wrote for the album and that it is her favorite song that she has written. The song's lyrics detail the doubt that she had during her teenage years. This song is definitely a tear jerker and is the most relatable song on the album. This song is relatable to every teenager and perfectly captures what we feel everyday. With lyrics like “when am I going to stop being wise beyond my years and just start being wise” and “but I fear that they have already got all the best parts of me” This song will be left on repeat. This song has  a 10/10 review

(Obsessed) The deluxe edition of the album begins with the upbeat psychotic song Obsessed. The song has an odd lyrical theme that discusses an obsession with her current boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. In the pre chorus she repeats the line so obsessed with your ex. The build up is amazing and is the highlight of the song. I give this song a 9/10

(Girl I’ve Always Been) The over heartbreak attitude really shines during Girl I’ve Always Been.  In this song Olivia feels confident in her skin as her new boyfriend questions her personality but tells him that she is the Girl I’ve Always Been and that she would never change. Rodrigo sounds like a sassy cowgirl in this song and the music is simply a guitar and handclap. The highlight of this song is the general feel of this song. It feels like you're rolling down a hill getting grass and hay all over you. I give this song a 6/10

(Scared Of My Guitar) If you write in your diary or journal down personal feelings you can replace guitar with diary or journal. In this song Olivia sings that she is scared of her guitar because of all the feelings that she has sung in its presence. This song has a simple guitar rhythm that really shows off her lyrics. I give this song a 7/10.

(Stranger) In this song Olivia has finally gotten over ex. The song has a simple carefree attitude. In the lyrics Rodrigo states that her ex is a stranger that she used to know. But you can also relate this song to getting over someone or something. The song is upbeat to match its lyrics. I give this song a 8/10

(So American) This song is a departure from Olivia's usual heartbreak and teenage problems. In this song Rodrigo seems to be in a happy relationship with a man that nickname her so american. This song will make you feel amazing that she has finally found her other half. The songs music sounds like a drive down a California highway. I give this song a 10/10.

In conclusion GUTS (spilled) is an album that takes you through a wide variety of emotions and situations. The album is definitely worth listening to. If you really love the album you should get tickets for the GUTS world tour the tour will be in our area on Jul 20, 2024 in Washington DC.


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