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  • Aaliyah Davis and Jordan Scales

Mr. Eley: Teacher of the Year

Mr. Eley was given the title Teacher of the Year on February 7, 2022, at Churchland High School.

Teachers and administrators nominated him because he’s a great teacher who’s influenced many teachers and students.

Eley has made a lot of great things happen this year. He has helped many students learn, and has had many accomplishments that lead up to him becoming Teacher of the Year.

He feels that the main accomplishments that have helped him become the Teacher of the Year are: “Putting students first, getting to know your students, and caring about students,” and that “activities in the classroom should be centered around the students.”

Eley expressed that he enjoys working with students. “You have to like students. Find something that you're good at and you can help kids become better at. Go to college, take courses, and you need to be a people person. You also have to encourage people,” he said.

About the Teacher of the Year award Eley says, “It’s a humbling experience and a great honor. Sometimes you just have to be open to people and accept their appreciation. It validates your career.’’

History teacher Ms. Ellison said of Eley, “It's been a pleasure working with him. I look forward to working with him next year. It's been fun.”

Ellison further states that he is a very inspirational teacher. “He inspires kids because he's great at teaching history. He finds fun ways to connect with students. He is inspirational,” she said.

Aaliyah Davis, a student at Churchland High School, claims that “He helped me learn and was overall a good teacher.”

When asked if Eley gave her valuable advice during the time she took his class, Davis says, “Yes he has. He encourages me to keep learning.”

Davis enjoyed taking Eley’s class and the activities they did, and agrees that he has made a positive impact on her education.

Photo: Aaliyah Davis


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