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  • Emilie Desert

Outer Banks: Season 3

Many people have watched the Netflix Drama Original Series Outer Banks. Season 3 of Outer Banks was released on February 23, 2023. Fans loved the series and thought it ended amazingly. However, there are some people who wonder if the show is even worth watching.

In Outer Banks the main protagonists are John B Routledge, Sarah Cameron, Pope Heyward, Kiara Carrera, and JJ Maybank. In season 3 there is an additional character named Cleo. The setting of the show takes place in Outer Banks, North Carolina on the beach.

In this drama series Outer Banks many events took place that caught the audience's eyes. For example, the relationships forming between the Pogues, the hunt for the gold and along with John B trying to figure out where his father is.

One aspect of filmmaking in this series that was noticeable was the acting. Many fans thought that the acting would be off, especially Since Chase Stokes (John B) and Madeline Cline (Sarah Cameron) had reportedly broken up in November of 2021 while filming.The actors had an on- screen relationship and also dated in real life. Many fans were concerned because since the actors broke up they thought that their on screen relationship between John B and Sarah would be ruined. The acting between all of the cast members especially, with Johnathan Daviss and Carlacia Grant acting on Pope's and Cleo's relationship.

Another aspect of filmmaking that stood out was suspense which the director created. The ending of each episode was an edge of your seat moment that left left you nervous wanting to know what's next for the Pogues. Each episode was like a roller coaster of emotions especially when the midpoint of the season starts.

Overall, season 3 of Outer Banks was thrilling. The way the actors and actresses executed this show was amazing. The new relationships that were made during this third season brought much more thrill to the screen along with how the director took his time to capture each shot. I would recommend this to viewers who love drama and adventures. Some scenes may catch viewers off guard; however, it isn't grotesque.


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